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Frequenty Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

When were video inspections approved in Florida?

A petition to conduct remote video inspections was reviewed and vetted by the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB) on June 13th, 2017. 


On February 27th, 2019 a petition to perform all inspection types using the previously vetted remote video inspection process was processed by BCAIB.

 The link to BCAIB declaratory statements can be found here.

What type of inspections can be done?

There are no restriction to what types of inspections can be performed.  Please contact your local jurisdiction to verify what types of remote video inspections they will perform.

What are your inspection hours?

The hours of operations varies by jurisdiction.

Can I manage jobs from the office?

Yes, there is a contractor portal once you have registered as a contractor thru the VIP app.  You will need your username and password that you registered on the app to access the portal found here (  The portal will allow you to add and remove jobs, it also allows you to track required forms and documents for the inspection process.

How will I know if the job is at a location with enough internet speed?

VIP has a Network Tester app that you will use when you first visit the job location.  It will verify if you have enough network speed for a reliable video connection with an inspector. 

Can my employee use VIP?

Yes, you can add as many designees to your account as you want.  Each designee will register using the VIP app.  Once they are registered you can add them with the VIP app.  They will have the ability to add and remove jobs and request inspections on your behalf.  Keep in mind that you will be responsible for their activity.

How do I setup the optional printer?

The PuQu Portable Label printer connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is enabled and turn on the printer.  Use the PuQU Printing app to connect your printer to the phone.  Once that is complete you are ready to print.  Make sure that your printer is on before attempting to print anything in VIP.

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